Usha Martin University @ Managemnt Message From Chancellor

Chancellor Message From Usha Martin University

Prabhat Kumar, Chancellor

I feel privileged to be connecting with you as the Chancellor of your university. In fact, this would be the beginning of a series of conversations between us. From time to time, I would like to address you through such notes. And when circumstances permit, we will also meet physically to exchange our thoughts and ideas.

Today, I would stress on the need for creating a future for yourself. Each one of you is poised to make a future. We are aware that a future will come whether we do something or merely stand and wait. This is a default future, a continuation of the past.

But there is another future that each one of you can create for yourself. I call it a ‘created future’. The great heroes and leaders of the world have created such futures. This is a future that is not going to happen if you do not create it. It is not a default future.

I suggest that each one of you contemplate on the shape of the future you wish to see and your place in it. It should, however, not be a mere wishful thinking but compatible with the present state of things. And having decided on a ‘created future’, you may start planning for its realization from now on.

I will be very happy to work on your ‘created future’ with you. You are free to contact me at my email

Prabhat Kumar (Retd. IAS, and Former first Governor of Jharkhand State)

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