Integrated Courses Admission 2024 at top University Ranchi, UMU

Integrated Programmes Admission Open 2024-25 - Usha Martin University

Overview of Integrated Programme

The integrated programme is a five-year curriculum that includes both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework. It combines two different curricula into one, which students can pursue after class 12th. Usha Martin, the best university in Ranchi, offers a top-notch integrated programme; BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law). The programme emphasizes the study of commerce and business administration along with an in-depth study of law. It is designed meticulously by industry experts and renowned academicians of the University that prepares students for the business world with expertise in corporate law and regulatory affairs. This comprehensive dual degree at a UGC Approved University trains students to be extremely valuable to businesses and the corporate world. It is an excellent option for students who are resilient, confident, and exceptional communicators, who value ethics, law, and principles, and who are interested in learning how the law governs commercial enterprises. BBA LLB develops a cohort of socially responsible professionals, leaders, and managers by providing a holistic and multidisciplinary curriculum as well as brushing up on their administrative and leadership skills. A BBA LLB is the best-suited program for those who wish to specialize in management and business. It will pave the way for a career in corporate law, mergers, and acquisitions, corporate governance, finance, advertising, etc.

Quality of Education

A quality education provides all students with the skills they need to become economically productive, build sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies, and improve their well-being. Usha Martin University, the top private University in Ranchi, considers education as a milestone of empowerment. It allows students to respond to the challenges, face traditional roles, and transform their lives. In a world-class learning environment, students receive not only superior education but also professionalism, discipline, and values. To ensure that our students develop holistically, our integrated programme focuses a significant emphasis on encouraging self-learning and honing talents. We’ve enlisted some of the most learned and well-respected academics, all of whom are highly qualified, experienced, and specialists in their respective fields. Our faculty understand, believe in, and employs skills-based, student-centered, communicative, and interactive approaches, strategies, and classroom management styles. Our academics are committed to passing on their knowledge to future generations. We nurture uniqueness, support innovation, and open-ended research as the top university in Jharkhand, not only the ability to think “beyond the box,” as the current cliché puts it. This intellectual legacy is the distinguishing feature of India’s higher education system, and it is the right of everyone to inherit it, not a narrow, quantitative, or numbers-driven reduction. To be sure, the purpose of quality education is to help our students gain a basic level of proficiency, but it’s also to help them grow as responsible citizens of India.

BBA-LL.B Integrated Program Structure

The BBA LLB is an integrated undergraduate programme designed to provide valuable insights into business functions such as finance, international business, marketing, human resource management, and understanding of corporate law in the fields of investment banking, corporate governance, insurance, and mergers and acquisitions. If you pursue BBA and LLB separately, you will have to invest one additional year because a BBA takes three years to finish, whereas an LLB takes the same amount of time to complete. However, if you go for BBA LLB, you can complete both programs in just five years, saving one year. In addition to the legal profession and the judiciary, this degree permits you to pursue a career in management, administration, planning, banking, and the industrial sector. It offers advanced technical knowledge of law coupled with fundamentals of business management and provides a joint degree of two courses. It allows you to spend less time with a comparatively lesser amount of money on your studies with the same value.

Unique Characteristics of BBA-LLB Integrated Programmes

  • Students’ capacity building in the chosen areas of management and law.
  • Academic inputs are combined with practical training, and intense speaking and writing exercises.
  • Moot court sessions, court visits, exposure to field specialists, and real-life case studies are all part of the programme.
  • Modules on soft skills and personality development are integrated into the curriculum.
  • Develops a thorough understanding of legal principles along with the application of law in the business world.

Why to Choose BBA-LLB at Usha Martin University?

  • UMU is renowned as the Top Private University in Jharkhandfor law studies.
  • The campus is equipped with Moot courtrooms for mock trials and classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids.
  • Faculty with academic excellence, regular industry interactions, and association with experts.
  • Student counseling and career guidance are provided regularly, with 100% placement assistance.
  • We provide facilities like fee concessions, scholarships, and other recognitions.
  • We have modern infrastructural features such as well-equipped classrooms, computer laboratories, a large library, Moot courts, 24×7 Wi-Fi, a huge cafeteria, and many more.

Usha Martin University has a great placement cell that provides graduates with 100% placement assistance. In the previous year, about 80% of our BBA LLB students were hired by top-rated companies during the placement drive held on campus. BBA-LLB admissions open at Usha Martin University for the academic year 2024-25, interested candidates may apply soon to secure their seats. For more details, please visit or call +91 8956 226 200, +91 8055 200 400. You can also drop your queries at

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