About IQAC - Usha Martin

About IQAC

Usha Martin University, dedicated to fostering a culture of quality and excellence, established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) on 12/11/2018. This strategic initiative reflects the university’s commitment to implementing conscious, consistent, and catalytic actions for enhancing both academic and administrative facets. The IQAC serves as a pivotal mechanism to ensure sustained improvement across various dimensions of the university’s operations.


a) Develop and implement a robust quality system for continuous improvement in academic and administrative performance.

b) Institutionalize best practices and cultivate a culture of quality to enhance the overall functioning of the University.

c) Assess and improve the quality of research, teaching, and extension activities through effective mechanisms.

d) Foster a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative academic environment while enhancing the competencies of faculty and staff.


a) Define and implement quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities.

b) Cultivate a learner-centric environment to facilitate quality education and faculty maturation.

c) Document and analyze programs/activities to drive continuous quality improvement.

d) Foster transparency and mutual trust among all stakeholders.

e) Raise awareness and disseminate information regarding quality parameters in higher education.

f) Prepare for the upcoming NAAC accreditation, ensuring all quality dimensions are aligned and documented for a successful evaluation.

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