Postgraduate Course (PG) Admission 2024 at top University, UMU

Postgraduate (PG) Programmes Admission Open 2024-25 - Usha Martin University

Overview of Postgraduate Programme

Consistently ranked among the top universities in India, the Usha Martin University offers a world-class postgraduate education. We are regarded as the Best Private University in Ranchi, offering postgraduate programmes in diverse disciplines including Management Engineering, Arts, Law and Computer Science. These cutting-edge, specialized PG programs are designed to supplement the knowledge gained throughout undergraduate studies. The course content is frequently more practical to better prepare students for the skills they will need in the workplace. Our postgraduate programs assist students to advance their careers and gain a deeper understanding of their fields of study. With a worldwide perspective and reach, we aim to make a positive contribution to society by pursuing excellence in teaching, learning, and research. Regardless of the career route chosen, all postgraduate programmes are designed to help them develop academic depth as well as skills and mindsets that will follow them throughout their careers. Students will benefit from an award- winning reputation, experienced faculty members, a vibrant campus community, and industry-informed programs tailored to help them thrive in their chosen field. These programmes typically take two to three years of full-time study. A PG degree opens doors to new job prospects and increases earning potential. PG Programmes Admission Open at Usha Martin University; enroll now!

Quality of Education

Usha Martin University believes that education is the key to empowerment. It allows people to respond to problems, confront their established roles, and transform their lives. A quality education provides students a sense of purpose and responsibility, and the skills they need to shape their own lives and make a positive difference in the lives of others. As the Top University in Jharkhand, we foster originality, support innovation, and open-ended research, not only the ability to think’s beyond the box, and  as the current cliché puts it. Students learn professionalism, discipline, and values in a world-class learning environment. Our Postgraduate programs place a strong emphasis on fostering self-learning and honing talents, to ensure that our students develop holistically. We have impaneled some of the most learned and well-respected academics in the area, all of whom are highly qualified, experienced, and experts in their respective professions. Our faculty understand, believe in, and employs skills-based, student-centered, communicative, and interactive approaches, strategies, and classroom management
styles. Our academics are committed to passing on their knowledge to future generations. This intellectual legacy is the distinguishing feature of India's higher education system, and it is the right of everyone to inherit it, not a narrow, quantitative, or numbers-driven reduction. To be sure, the goal of quality education is to help our students gain a basic level of proficiency, but it’s also to help them grow as good human beings.

PG Programmes Education Structure

The Postgraduate programme, often known as a Master’s degree, is the second-cycle degree of university studies and typically lasts two years. Mini-projects, specialized courses, open electives, and dissertations are among the special features of the PG programme, which spans two years in four semesters. It primarily aims at preparing students for careers as well-informed professionals in a variety of roles and settings. These programs educate students with specialized education in one or more disciplines, with an emphasis on their professional growth. In short, this cycle prepares students to work, or continue their education at the university level. The PG course places a strong emphasis on comprehending advanced concepts through extensive practical work that includes both real and virtual experiments.

List of Professional (PG Degree) Programme at UMU

MBA Programmes Admission

MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is one of India’s most popular postgraduate programs. MBA Admission Openat Usha Martin University

MCA Programmes Admission

Master of Computer Application or MCA is a postgraduate degree programme in computer science. The Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

M. Com Programmes Admission

UMU offers 2 years Master of Commerce (Accounts, finance, statistics etc.) program under Faculty of Business Management and Commerce

LLM 1 Year Programmes Admission

In 21st century the significance and the scope of legal education have enhanced manifold. Its career scope is no longer limited to government employment

LLM 2 Year Programmes Admission

The power, prestige, and glamour that add to the law profession make it a splendid profession. Today, the career scope

MA Programmes Admission

The Master of Arts (Education) is an innovative programme, through which the learners will have comprehensive knowledge of education as a field of study Keeping

Unique Characteristics of Postgraduate Degree

  • The programs have been developed under current national trends and practices.
  • Highly flexible to the academic abilities and achievements of students.
  • Prepare you to explore future employment in a field that you are interested in.
  • Expands knowledge of fields related to areas of professional specialization.
  • Validated by Indian and international experts with extensive experience in all sectors of higher education.
  • Live projects, case studies, assignments, and group discussions are all used to supplement the learning
  • Appropriate for corporate jobs as well as higher education in India and overseas.

Why to Choose Postgraduate Programs at Usha Martin University?

  • Usha Martin University is one of India's most prestigious postgraduate educational institutions.
  • You get a higher sense of self-esteem, greater knowledge, better networking skills, and industry exposure.
  • We offer 7+ UGC-approved postgraduate programs in various disciplines.
  • Our postgraduate programs prepare you to enter the world of accountability, knowledge, and competitive intelligence.
  • We offer high-quality programs at a very reasonable fee structure.
  • We accomplish excellence by pursuing a flexible and heterogeneous academic paradigm that adheres to international standards.
  • We are a career-oriented university, and our alumni work for some of the world and  most prestigious corporations.
  • We offer a research-oriented environment, and our academic members are highly qualified and experts in their fields.

A postgraduate degree can open numerous doors for you, from job satisfaction to higher salaries and flexibility that leads to more employment opportunities. MBA admissions open for the academic year 2024-25; enroll now to get a great learning experience with 100% placement assistance. For more details, please visit or call +91 8956 226 200, +91 8055 200 400. You can also drop your queries at

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