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Examination and Assessment at UMU

The University will follow a system of continuous and term-end evaluation. The course assessment will comprise two components:

  • Continuous Assessment Score (CAS) with weightage 40%
  • Term-end Examination Score ( TEES) with weightage 60%

Course Score:

A summation of CAS and TEES
CAS will have following components:

  • 2 assignments worth 10 marks each
  • 1 mid-term test worth 25 marks
  • Attendance Maximum 5 marks (70-75% :1mark; 75-80%: 2marks; 80-85%: 3marks; 85-90%:4 marks; 90-100%: 5 marks)

The Mid-term Exam for the UG and Diploma courses may have Multiple Choice Question section for 20% marks.


70 % attendance and participation in 50% internal assessment components

Minimum Pass marks:

40%; to successfully complete a course, a student must separately pass each component (TEES and CAS)

Supplementary Examinations and Improvement in Score

For students failing in any course, the University will conduct supplementary examination in February for December TE Exam and August for the June TE Exam. The University will also give another single opportunity for improvement of score but in the subsequent year. For instance, those wanting to improve score of 1st semester course can do so with 3rd or 5th semesters only. Similarly, for 2nd semester course improvement examination can be undertaken with 4th or 6th semester and for 4th semester course improvement examination can be undertaken with 6th semester. All such opportunities will involve payment of examination fee per course @ Rs 500/-.

Ordinarily the Term End Examination of the University will be conducted as a proctored examination at the campus, conducted at the end of each semester.

Each question Paper will be moderated by a Moderation Board.

Each paper will have compulsory section and choice based component.

Grading System

The grading will be done in marks and then converted into grades .The conversion will be as per UGC scheme given below:

Marks (%) Grade
90.1-100 O   (Outstanding)
80.1-90s A+ (Excellent)
70.1-80 A   (Very Good)
60.1-70 B+ (Good)
55.1-60 B  (Above Average)
50.1-55 C  (Average)
40-50 P  (Pass)

Note :- F (Failed Candidates); AB (Absent); AR (Absent with valid reason and eligible for re-sit)

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