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About Department:

The English Department at Usha Martin University in Ranchi is a vibrant academic institution dedicated to developing a profound understanding of the English language, literature, and communication abilities. With an emphasis on both academic achievement and holistic development, the department is vital to molding well-rounded people who are prepared for a variety of career paths.

Academic Programs: To meet students’ linguistic and literary interests, the department provides a wide range of academic programs.

  • Undergraduate Programs: Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English program will have a thorough understanding of language, literature, and critical thinking.
  • Postgraduate Programs: Promoting critical analysis and research, the Master of Arts (M.A.) in English program offers advanced coursework in linguistics, literature, and literary theory.

Dear Students, Faculty, and Visitors,

I extend a warm welcome to the Department of English at Usha Martin University, Ranchi, Jharkhand. Since our inception in 2018, we have been committed to fostering academic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our department offers a diverse range of programs aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP). These include:

BA English (Hons):

As per NEP curriculum our undergraduate program provides a comprehensive understanding of literature, language, journalism and cultural studies. Students engage in rigorous internship and project work, literary analysis, and creative expression.

MA English:

Our postgraduate program provides a deeper insight into literary theory, research methodologies, and interdisciplinary approaches. Students explore advanced topics and contribute to scholarly discourse.

PhD in English:

Our doctoral program encourages original research, critical inquiry, and intellectual growth. We mentor aspiring scholars who contribute significantly to the field of English studies.

Our faculty members are dedicated educators, researchers, and mentors. We believe in nurturing a vibrant academic community where students thrive intellectually and creatively. Our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and holistic development remains unwavering.

As we continue our journey, we invite you to explore the rich tapestry of literature, language, and culture within our department. Let us collectively contribute to the intellectual legacy of Usha Martin University.

Thank you for being part of our academic family.

Warm regards,

Dr. Prakash Chandra Panda

Associate Professor & Head

 Department of English

Usha Martin University

Message of the Head of the Department

Dr. Abhishek Pandey Associate Professor (HOD)

Department of English : Salient Features

Faculty: The Department of English is manned by a group of knowledgeable, devoted academics who are committed to offering top-notch instruction. The faculty is dedicated to cultivating a love of literature and effective communication in addition to their academic expertise.

Publications and Research: The department strongly promotes faculty and student participation in research projects. Research projects contribute to academic journals and raise the department’s profile in the academic community while addressing a broad range of literary and linguistic subjects.

Language Labs and Communication Skills: The department has programs for developing communication skills and language labs because it understands how important it is to communicate effectively in the modern world. By providing these resources, students can improve their written and oral communication skills and get ready for a variety of career paths.

Literary Events and Cultural Programs: To foster an interesting learning environment, the Department of English hosts literary events, book clubs, and cultural programs. Through these activities, the department feels more cohesive and gives students the chance to study literature outside of the classroom.

Internship and Industry Connections: The department works with media companies, publishing houses, and cultural institutions to support internships and partnerships in order to close the knowledge gap between academia and industry. Through these experiences, students are exposed to practical applications of their academic knowledge.

Seminars and Conferences: Renowned academics and professionals are invited to share their perspectives at seminars, workshops, and conferences hosted by the department. These gatherings offer a forum for networking and intellectual conversation, in addition to enhancing the academic experience.

In summary, the English Department at Usha Martin University in Ranchi is committed to offering a thorough education that goes beyond what can be found in a textbook. By means of a blend of rigorous academic instruction, research endeavors, and cultural events, the department hopes to cultivate in its students a lasting interest in literature and proficient communication.

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