B.Sc MLT (LE) Paramedical Course Admission Open 2024 at UMU


2 Years


Diploma in MLT


Total 2,13,000 INR only

Admission Open 2024-25 | B.Sc MLT (LE) Programmes | Usha Martin University

About the Programme

Due to unhealthy lifestyles, pollution and overpopulation, human lives are constantly susceptible to diseases, so getting proper diagnosis and medical treatment  of the disease is necessary. After diagnosis of the disease, doctors need various kinds of analyses through tests. According to the outcome of these tests, they provide treatment to patients. This is where the significance of Medical Laboratory Technology comes into the picture.

In the sphere of the healthcare sector, there is a great importance of Medical Laboratory Technicians, they do blood collection and perform various diagnostic tests by analyzing body fluids like blood, saliva, urine, tissues, microorganism screening, chemical analysis, and cell counts of the human body, etc. In addition, they collect information, sample, do the documentation of these tests, determine the presence and extent, or the absence of disease, and provide the data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 employment market has changed drastically.  Employment opportunities have reduced in all sectors except medical and healthcare. Medical Lab Technology is a flourishing sector wherein there are a lot of opportunities for people who want to make a career in the healthcare sector.  B.Sc Medical Lab Technology is one of the prominent programmes among a long list of top paramedical programmes in the world.

B.Sc Medical Lab Technology (Lateral entry) at Usha Martin University is a professional undergraduate programme of two years designed by industry experts and highly-qualified academicians aiming to prepare skilled medical lab professionals by providing cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on training on various disciplines of diagnostic testing. The programme is a judicious blend of practical and theoretical learning wherein students are allowed to perform various diagnoses on body fluids, which include hematology, immunology, bacteriology, chemical and microscopic. Upon completion of the programme candidates can make careers in hospital labs and clinics, industrial research labs, veterinary clinics, forensic labs, and molecular biotechnology labs, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Sc Medical Lab Technology (Lateral Entry)

Candidates who have completed Diploma in Medical Lab Technology from any recognized institute are eligible for B.Sc Medical Lab Technology (Lateral Entry) admission.

Programme Overview

Programme Objective
  • Providing comprehensive knowledge of structure and functions of the human body, physiological and biochemical mechanisms involved in normal and abnormal health conditions, knowledge of light microscopic and ultrastructure of human specimen.
  • To equip learners with excellent technical acumen, thereby they can analyze, test and examine laboratory samples flawlessly.
  • Providing the skills of modern research techniques through hands-on experience.
  • Providing excellent internship and placement opportunities.
Programme Outcome
  • Upon completion of the programme, learners acquire sound knowledge of laboratory tests associated with the diagnosis of diseases including biochemical, pathological and microbiological tests in the laboratory.
  • The programme enhances learners’ analytical skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Learners can demonstrate planning abilities including laboratory tests, time management, resource management, delegation skills and organizational skills.
  • Applying ethical principles and commitment to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the laboratory practice.
Career Scope of B.Sc Medical Lab Technology

Upon completion of the programme, candidates can explore career opportunities as Cytology- Technologists, Dermatology/STD/Leprosy Lab Technologists, Forensic Technologists, Hematology Technologists, Histopathology Technologists, Phlebotomists, etc.

Salient Features of B.Sc Medical Lab Technology (Lateral Entry) at Usha Martin University

  • B.Sc Medical Lab Technology (Lateral Entry) is an industry-endorsed programme focused on cutting-edge research and the latest innovations in the field.
  • Students acquire sound knowledge of subjects through classroom learning, laboratory exercises, industrial exposure and clinical internships.
  • The University has outstanding and dedicated teaching faculty who put the best efforts in mentoring and grooming every individual student in their journey towards their career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology?

BMLT is a three-year undergraduate program created to give qualified students advanced knowledge in both common and complex laboratory diagnostic techniques. The course teaches enrolled students how to conduct tests that support disease diagnosis and treatment.

Who is eligible for lateral entry for B.Sc. MLT?

Applicants may be admitted if they have completed a two-year diploma after 10+2 and a three-year diploma (MLT) after matriculation with 50% of the possible points.

Does B.Sc. MLT have scope?

After earning a B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), one can work in government and private hospitals as well as a variety of educational institutions. An individual can manage their own health care facilities and laboratory consulting services after obtaining significant experience.

What is the salary after a B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology?

Fresher: A BSc in MLT graduate should anticipate an average annual starting salary of INR 4 lakh to INR 5 lakh.

Is a B.SC in Medical Lab Technology (Lateral Entry) available at UMU?

Yes, a B.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology for lateral entry is available at Usha Martin University.

What are the job opportunities after B.SC. MLT (LE)?

There are several job opportunities after B.SC. MLT (LE). They are as follows: Medical Laboratory Technician, Molecular Biologist, Phlebotomist, Quality Control Analyst, Lab Manager, Blood Bank Lab Manager, Donor Phlebotomist, Blood Bank Supervisor, and Blood Bank Technician. Research Scientist, Research Associate, Lab Technician, and Laboratory Assistant.

What is the duration of the B.SC. MLT course?

The program lasts for three years, including the required six-month internship and three years of theory. Each year is broken up into two semesters, There are a total of six semesters. The final six months of the year are dedicated to required internships. Every semester, a revised syllabus is distributed to every student.

What is a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology?

BMLT is a 3.5 year undergraduate program created to give qualified students advanced knowledge in both common and complex laboratory diagnostic techniques. The course teaches enrolled students how to conduct tests that support disease diagnosis and treatment.

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