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Admission Open 2024-25 | Master of Arts (M.A) English | Usha Martin University

Master of Arts (M.A) English

The MA in English is a post-graduate program that delves deeply into the realms of English literature, language, and associated fields. It has been a popular choice for students with a fervent passionfor English literature, language, and critical thinking.

During the program, students explore various literary genres, literary periods, and themes, covering fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction from both classical and contemporary literature. They also explore into literary theory, criticism, and research methodologies.

This two-year program entails an in-depth analysis of literary texts, critical discussions on their historical and cultural contexts, and exploration of different critical approaches. Additionally, students have opportunities to enhance their writing skills through creative or academic assignments.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is a common organizational structure within universities. It encompasses a diverse range of academic disciplines that focus on the study of human culture, society, and individual behavior.

The Department of English, within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, plays a pivotal role in delivering a comprehensive education, nurturing critical thinking, and tackling societal challenges. It equips students for diverse career paths by cultivating skills in communication, analysis, research, and cultural appreciation. The interdisciplinary approach across various programs within this faculty enables students to uncover correlations between different disciplines, fostering a holistic comprehension of human experiences.”

Programme Overview:


At Usha Martin University, eligibility for the MA English program requires a bachelor’s degree following the 10+2+3 pattern. Prospective candidates for the M.A. program must have obtained at least 50% aggregate marks.

Programme Objectives
  • The program objectives of M.A.English course program encompass a range of educational goals designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the English languageand
  • PO-1: Attainment of proficiency in the English language, covering reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.
  • PO-2: Cultivation of creative writing abilities, nurturing originality, creativity, and expertise in various literary forms.
  • PO-3: To facilitate thelearners to pursue diverse career paths by acquiring skills applicable to fields such as publishing, journalism, editing, communications, teaching, and more.
  • PO-4: To cultivate an appreciation for interdisciplinary connections, encouraging students to explore intersections between literature and other disciplines, such as history, psychology, or other subjects.
  • PO-5: To promote a global perspective through the exploration of literature from various cultures and regions, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse understanding of the world.
Programme Learning Outcomes

The specific Program Learning Outcomes for a Master of Arts (M.A.) in English can vary.

  • Students will demonstrate effective interpretation and critical evaluation of a wide range of literary texts.
  • Students will acquire advanced research abilities, encompassing the formulation of research questions or projects while maintaining awareness to uphold ethical standards in research and academic pursuits, adhering to professional guidelines and academic integrity.
  • Students will acquire proficiency in oral presentation and discussion, enabling them to articulate complex ideas adeptly in academic and professional environments.


Programme Opportunities

Earning a Master of Arts (M.A.) in English can unlock diverse career paths spanning various sectors. The competencies cultivated through an M.A. in English program, encompassing critical thinking, analytical reasoning, research proficiency, and effective communication skills, hold significant value in numerous professional domains, including Education, Publishing and Editing, Writing and Content Creation, Media and Journalism, among others.

Programme Curriculum

Course Structure and Scheme of Examination MA English-2023
S.No. Subject



(Maximum Marks=100)

I-Semester End Term Examination Mid Term Evaluation Internal Assessment
  Medieval Literature 5 60 25 15
1 ENG I (Core):          
2 ENG II (Core): Renaissance 5 60 25 15
3 ENG III (Core): Post-Independence Indian Literature 5 60 25 15
4 ENG IV (Core): 18th & 19th Century British Fiction 5 60 25 15
  Credit of 1st Semester 20    
II nd-Semester      
7 ENG V (Core): 16th and 17th Century Drama 5 60 25 15
8 ENG VI (Core): Eighteenth Century British Literature 5 60 25 15
9 ENG VII (Core): Postcolonial Literatures and Theory 5 60 25 15
10 ENG VIII (Core): Contemporary Theory and Criticism 5 60 25 15
Credits of 2nd Semester 20 60    
III –Semester      
ENG IX (Core): Nineteenth Century British Poetry 5 60 25 15
ENG X (Core): Twentieth Century Poetry and Drama 5 60 25 15
ENG XI (Elective): Politics, Literature and Philosophy 5 60 25 15
ENG XII (Elective): Research Methodology 5 60 25 15
ENG XIII (Open Elective): Visual Studies 5 60 25 15
ENG XIV (Open Elective): Dalit Studies 5 60 25 15
Credits of 3rd Semester 20 60    
IV –Semester      
ENG XV (Core): Twentieth Century Fiction 5 60 25 15
ENG XVI (Core): Dissertation 5 60 25 15
ENG XVII (Elective): Introduction to Linguistics 5 60 25 15
ENG XVIII (Elective): Violence and Memory Studies 5 60 25 15
ENG XIX (Open Elective): Aesthetics and Literature 5 60 25 15
ENG XX (Open Elective): English Language Teaching 5 60 25 15
Credits of 4th Semester 20
Grand Total of Credit for M.A. 80      

Admission Open 2024-25

MA English program at UMU, a UGC-approved university, is designed to create a stimulating study environment for young minds. The program’s goal is to produce outstanding professionals who can apply theory to practice and identify and solve management issues on a local and global scale. Admissions for the academic year 2024-25 are now open; apply today to obtain a superb learning experience with 100% placement support.

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