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Amitabh Choudhury Cricket Stadium

With view to holistic development of students, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are vital part of their academic life, University has provided infrastructure facilities and maintained modern facilities in playgrounds, stadium and gymnasium for all around development of students. One such priority of university has been Amitabh Choudhary Cricket Stadium which is a Beacon of Cricketing Excellence in Ranchi.

The following performance area has been identified over the period of five years.

  1. Amitabh Choudhary Cricket Stadium: A Beacon of Cricketing Excellence in Ranchi

Amitabh Choudhary Cricket Stadium: A Beacon of Cricketing Excellence in Ranchi

The Institution has the Amitabh Chaudhry Cricket Stadium within its serene campus. The Stadium is surrounded by the mighty Easter Ghats which stands as a significant testament to the fervour and passion for cricket that courses through the veins of this vibrant community. There are 32 scheduled tribes inhabiting the Jharkhand state. Local tribal youth gain access to professional coaching at the stadium. This exposure enhances their cricket skills and overall fitness.The coaching programs provide technical guidance, fitness training, and mental conditioning, allowing young players to develop their talent. The stadium hosts regular cricket tournaments and matches. These events serve as platforms for tribal participation.Players from different tribal backgrounds come together to compete, showcasing their abilities and passion for the sport.The excitement of playing in a professional stadium motivates them to give their best.The stadium’s construction and ongoing maintenance provide employment opportunities for tribal locals.Jobs related to stadium management, security, ticketing, and maintenance contribute to the local economy.

The playing area (boundary to boundary) adheres to international standards, with a diameter ranging from 137.16 meters to 150 meters. The shortest boundary from the cricket pitch is 59.43 meters, ensuring that batsmen face the challenge of clearing the ropes. The longest boundary cannot exceed 82.29 meters, providing ample space for breath-taking sixes.

The stadium’s design is meticulous. It is strategically situated at an optimal distance of 70 yards (64 meters) from the centre of the pitch. This precision ensures that every boundary hit is a testament to skill and timing.

The lush green outfield spans across 50 feet by 200 feet, covering a total area of 10,000 square feet (approximately 929 square meters). This meticulously maintained grass field is where legends chase down boundaries and fielders dive to save runs.

The cricket pitch—the hallowed strip where battles unfold—is 66 meters long. Here, bowlers unleash their craft, and batsmen dance to the rhythm of leather meeting willow.

The very soul of cricket lies in its pitch, and the Amitabh Chaudhry Cricket Stadium boasts a pitch crafted from Balangir’s distinctive black soil. This soil isn’t just earth; it’s a canvas where bowlers weave magic. Its unique properties provide bounce and speed, challenging batsmen and thrilling spectators alike.

Picture this: a bowler charging in, the ball rising sharply off the pitch, and the batsman’s eyes widening. Yes, this pitch is not only bouncy but also a high-scoring paradise. Boundaries are met with roars, and sixes kiss the sky

The outfield, a lush green expanse, owes its vibrancy to automated sprinklers. They dance across the grass, ensuring each blade receives its share of hydration. The outfield breathes, and cricket thrives.

Precision matters. The stadium’s grass field is meticulously monitored—a symphony of green where no note is out of place. The curators, like maestros, trim, roll, and coax the grass to perfection.

Hidden beneath the surface lies a two-lakh litre tank, a reservoir of life for the cricket ground. It quenches the thirst of the pitch, the outfield, and the dreams etched in every crease.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) nods approvingly. Their curators, akin to cricketing alchemists, tend to the pitch’s soul. They understand its moods, its secrets, and its desire to witness centuries and hat tricks.


The stadium’s grass gallery cradles spectators. Here, fans become part of the game, their voices merging with the wind. They cheer, they gasp, and they witness history unfold.

Beyond the boundary ropes, the stadium’s vicinity is under CCTV surveillance. Every movement, every celebration, and every decision is recorded—a silent promise to uphold the spirit of the game.

The stadium frequently holds matches sponsored by Coal India,Mecon, KendriyaVidyalaya, and others. There were 7 tournaments held in the session 2022-23. In the year 2023-2024, the playground hosted 52nd National Regional KVS sports from 2nd November to 7th November 2023 and players from Agra, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Kolkata, Chennai, Varanasi, Jammu, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Dehradun, Gurugram, and Delhi participated in the tournament. In addition, Jharkhand State Cricket Board also held practice matches on the ground.

The management of the university allows the teams and players to use free of cost the basic amenities of the institution like gym, washroom, drinking water supply, and other essential services. However, the lodging and boarding facility are provided at nominal charges.  These matches move the hearts of cricket enthusiasts, with teams from across the country converging on the hallowed grounds of the stadium to compete for glory and recognition. Likewise, inter-university matches have served as a melting pot of talent, bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and fostering a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

With ambitious plans to expand its infrastructure and facilities, the institution aims to position the stadium as a premier destination for cricketing enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe. The institution has also established “Amitabh Choudhary Chair for Sports” to

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