Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) Courses Admission 2024 at UMU


4.5 Years


Passed 12th (10+2) with PCB examination from any recognized board


Total 5,85,000 INR only

Admission Open 2024-25 | Physiotherapy (B.PT) | Usha Martin University

About the Programme

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, generally known as B.PTh is a professional undergraduate academic course in the field of medical science known as Physiotherapy. For the students who want to pursue a medical stream after class 12th, physiotherapy is one of the most promising fields to consider. The course which focuses on the physical movements of the body to treat a variety of diseases including asthma, back pain, arthritis, sports injuries, Parkinson’s disease, chronic heart disease, stroke, cystic fibrosis, pelvic problems, physical injuries, and many more. Duration of the course is 4½ years including a mandatory internship of 6 months where the students get intensive training in the field of physiotherapy and exercise therapy.

Physiotherapy does not rely heavily on the use of medications and medicines. Instead, it depends on the application of physical therapies, massages, physical movement, and exercises to alleviate the condition. Bachelor of Physiotherapy or B.PTh offered by UMU is a top-notch course that teaches students about the science of movement. During the course period, students learn how to pinpoint an injury’s root causes. The course also covers various aspects of human anatomy to provide a comprehensive view of the organisms.

Physiotherapy is a highly significant field in medicine and public health, with many companies looking for specialists. B.PTh graduates gain a broad range of transferable skills that can be applied to a variety of career paths. As a physiotherapist, you will look after the physical and muscular fitness of an individual. Physiotherapists or Physios are sometimes referred to as Movement Specialists since they are qualified to evaluate different physical conditions by body movements. These health professionals aim to improve physical health through workouts and massages. Physiotherapists also use scientific methods to treat patients, such as electrotherapy, shockwave mobility, and so on.

Duration: 4.5 Years consisting 8 Semesters and 6 months mandatory internship.

Fees: Rs. 4,80,000.00/- Only

Programme Overview

Programme Objectives

The purpose of this course is:

  • To delineate the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills deemed essential for this program and to perform as a competent physiotherapist who will be able to examine, evaluate, diagnose, plan, execute and document physiotherapy treatment independently or along with the multidisciplinary team.
  • To evaluate patients for impairments and functional limitations and able to execute all routine physiotherapeutic procedures as per the evaluation.
  • To be able to provide patient education about various physiotherapeutic interventions to the patient & caregivers.
  • To be able to operate & maintain physiotherapy equipment used in treatment of patient, physiotherapy treatment planning (both Electrotherapy & Exercise therapy) & procedures independently.
Programme Outcomes
  • The Course work entitles independent physiotherapy assessment and treatment in any healthcare delivery centers in India by the graduates.
  • The coursework  is  designed  to  train  students  to  work  as  independent  physiotherapists  or  in conjunction with  a  multidisciplinary team  to diagnose and treat movement disorders as per red and yellow flags.
  • Course works  will  skill  the  graduate’s  physical/  functional  diagnosis,  treatment  planning, management, administration of physiotherapy treatment and for patient support.
  • The graduate will utilize critical inquiry and evidence based practice to make clinical decisions essential for autonomous practice.
  • Graduates can  found  employment  opportunities  in  hospitals/nursing homes/sports teams/fitness  centers/Community  Rehabilitation  /Health  planning  boards/health  promotions services in both private and public sectors as well as in independent physiotherapy clinics.
  • Physiotherapy graduate is  encouraged to pursue further qualification to attain senior position in the  professional  field  and  also  to  keep  abreast  with  the  recent  advances,  new  technology  and research. The professional should opt for continuous professional education credits offered by national and international institutes.
Eligibility Criteria
    • Candidate must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized university with minimum 50% marks.
    • The candidate should have completed 12th in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects.

Programme Curriculum


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT-101 Human Anatomy I 5(4+1+0)
BPT-102 Human Physiology I 5(4+0+2)
BPT-103 Biochemistry 4(3+1+0)
BPT-104 Medical Electronics 4(3+1+0)
BPT-105 Computer Applications in Physiotherapy 2(2+0+0)
BPT-106 Basic Professional communications 3(2+1+0)
BPT-107 Human Anatomy I: Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT-108 Medical Electronics: lab 1(0+0+2)
BPT-109 Computer Applications in Physiotherapy: lab 1(0+0+2)
Credit of 1st Semester 27


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT – 201 Human Anatomy II 5(4+1+0)
BPT – 202 Human Physiology II 5(4+0+2)
BPT – 203 Principles of Exercise therapy 4(3+1+0)
BPT – 204 Sociology 3(2+1+0)
BPT – 205 Environmental Studies 3(2+1+0)
BPT – 206 Advance Professional communications 2(2+0+0)
BPT – 207 Human Anatomy II: Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT – 208 Principles of Exercise therapy : lab 1(0+0+2)
BPT – 209 Advance Professional communications: Practical 1(0+0+2)
Credit of 2nd  Semester 26


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT-301 Pharmacology I 4(3+1+0)
BPT-302 Exercise Therapy-I 3(3+0+0)
BPT-303 Electrotherapy -I 3(3+0+0)
BPT-304 Applied Biomechanics & Kinesiology I 3(3+0+0)
BPT-305 General & Health Psychology 4(3+1+0)
BPT-306 Basic Nursing & First Aid 3(2+0+2)
BPT-307 Exercise Therapy I: Lab 3(0+0+6)
BPT-308 Electrotherapy I: lab 3(0+0+6)
BPT-309 Applied Biomechanics & Kinesiology I: Lab 1(0+0+2)
Credit of 3rd Semester 27


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT-401 Pharmacology II 4(3+1+0)
BPT-402 Exercise Therapy II 3(3+0+0)
BPT-403 Electrotherapy II 3(3+0+0)
BPT-404 Applied Biomechanics & Kinesiology II 3(3+0+0)
BPT-405 Clinical Psychology 3(2+0+2)
BPT-406 Pathology 3(3+0+0)
BPT-407 Microbiology 3(3+0+0)
BPT-408 Exercise Therapy II: Lab 3(0+0+6)
BPT-409 Electrotherapy II: Lab 3(0+0+6)
BPT-410 Applied Biomechanics & Kinesiology II: Lab 1(0+0+2)
Credit of 4th Semester 29


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT-501 General Medicine 5(4+1+0)
BPT-502 General Surgery 5(4+1+0)
BPT-503 General Orthopaedics & Traumatology 5(4+1+0)
BPT-504 Physiotherapy in Medical & Surgical Conditions I 5(4+1+0)
BPT-505 Disability, Prevention and Rehabilitation 4(4+0+0)
BPT-506 Biostatistics 3(3+0+0)
BPT-507 Physiotherapy in Medical & Surgical Conditions I: Practical 1(0+0+2)
BPT-508 Seminars on Clinical issues 1(0+1+0)
BPT-509 Clinical training 5(0+0+10)
Credit of 5th  Semester 35


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT-601 Clinical Neurology 5(4+1+0)
BPT-602 Cardiothoracic diseases and Surgery 5(4+1+0)
BPT-603 Regional Orthopaedics 5(4+1+0)
BPT-604 Physiotherapy in Medical & Surgical Conditions II 4(3+1+0)
BPT-605 Physiotherapy Assessment & Diagnosis I 3(3+0+0)
BPT-606 Physiotherapy in Medical & Surgical Conditions II: Practical 1(0+0+2)
BPT-607 Physiotherapy Assessment & Diagnosis I: Practical 1(0+0+2)
BPT-608 Seminar in clinical issues 1(0+1+0)
BPT-609 Clinical training 5(0+0+10)
Credit of 6th Semester 30


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT-701 Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic conditions I 3(3+0+0)
BPT-702 Physiotherapy in Neurological conditions I 3(3+0+0)
BPT-703 Physiotherapy in cardio-thoracic conditions 3(3+0+0)
BPT-704 Research Methodology 2(2+0+0)
BPT-705 Physiotherapy Assessment & Diagnosis II 1(0+0+2)
BPT-706 Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic conditions I: Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT-707 Physiotherapy in Neurological conditions I : Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT-708 Physiotherapy in cardio-thoracic conditions : Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT-709 Physiotherapy Assessment & Diagnosis II: Practical 1(0+0+2)
BPT-710 Seminars in clinical issues 1(0+1+0)
BPT-711 Clinical training 5(0+0+10)
Credit of 7th  Semester 25


Subject Code Subject Name Total credits (L+T+P)
BPT-801 Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic conditions-II 3(3+0+0)
BPT-802 Physiotherapy in Neurological conditions II 3(3+0+0)
BPT-803 Sports Physiotherapy 3(3+0+0)
BPT-804 Organisation, Administration and Ethics in Physiotherapy 2(2+0+0)
BPT-805 Physiotherapy in Orthopaedic conditions-II: Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT-806 Physiotherapy in Neurological conditions II: Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT-807 Sports Physiotherapy: Practical 2(0+0+4)
BPT-808 Project work 4(0+4+0)
BPT-809 Seminar in clinical issues 1(0+1+0)
BPT-810 Clinical training 5(0+0+10)
Credit of 8th Semester 27

How to apply

Usha Martin University offers admissions to wide range of degree programmes ranging from Bachelors to Post Graduate, Ph.D, M.Phil, in addition to diploma programmes. Usha Martin University aims to facilitate its students to select avenues as per their career goals and interest from among our MBA, BBA, B.Com, B.A (English), B.Sc. (Agriculture), BA (Journalism and Mass Communication), B.Sc. (Physiotherapy).

The admission process of Usha Martin University is fairly easy.

Candidates seeking admissions at Usha Martin University, have two options:

Online Applications:

Candidates who wish to apply online can fill up Application form by clicking “APPLY ONLINE” link on website and payment can also be made online through Debit card, Credit Card and Internet Banking.

Note: Those who are not able to make the online payment can send the payment to the University through a DD of Rs. 500/- in favour of Usha Martin University payable at Jharkhand.

 Offline Applications:

Candidates can download the Form from website. If the Application Form is downloaded from the website, the applicants are required to enclose a Demand Draft of `500/- in favour of Usha Martin University, Jharkhand, payable at Jharkhand along with the Application Form, failing which the application shall be rejected.

A duly filled Application Form must be delivered in person or sent through registered post/ speed post/ reputed courier service to ensure that the application form is received by the University within the specified time and date. The form can also be sent to the city office mentioned on the website

Candidates can also collect Application Form from University campus and its selected Branches Offices as mentioned


After receiving the application form, the candidates will be informed by the University officials within 7 working days, and the information about admission (Through Entrance Exam or Merit Basis) will be intimated to candidates accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the BPT course?

Ans: Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4-year undergraduate course, including compulsory 6 months of clinical internship, and involving the science of physical movement aimed at preventing disease and disability.

What is the eligibility of BPT Course?

Ans: Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized university with minimum 50% marks.
  • The candidate should have completed 12th in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects.
Can a Physiotherapist be referred to as a doctor?

Yes Physiotherapist can use the prefix Doctor as the are qualified Healthcare Professionals as suggested by WHO.

What options for study exist after completing the BPT course?

Ans. Yes, individuals who complete the BPT program can go on to earn a Master of Physiotherapy degree in a number of specialties, such as neurology, sports medicine, orthopedics, and cardiopulmonary medicine. They are also eligible for courses in business management, public health management, hospital administration, and other related fields.

Which is the top college in Ranchi for (Physiotherapy) BPT Course?

Ans. Usha Martin University is the best college in Ranchi for Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy BPT Course.

How can I do BPT after 12th?

Ans:  Students must pass the 10+2 exam with a minimum of 50% marks. Some colleges require more than 60% in 10+2. They must have biology or life sciences as one of the core subjects in 10+2. To apply for a postgraduate physiotherapy course, students must have a BPT degree from a recognized institution.

What is the salary of BPT in India?

Ans: Average starting Salary for BPT in India is around per year (₹833.3 per month). No prior experience is required to be a BPT. What is the highest salary for a BPT in India? Highest salary that a BPT can earn is ₹4.8 Lakhs per year (₹3 to 4 Lakh per year).

Is BPT a good job?

Ans: Is BPT a good career option? Ans. Yes, BPT is a good career option as the demand for physiotherapy is increasing, and they are required by both government and private sectors.

Can I study BPT without NEET?

Ans: More than 300 institutions in India offer the BPT program, and some provide admission based on merit in the Class XII board exams, while others require you to take a specific entrance exam such as NEET. It is not mandatory that one clear the NEET entrance exam to enroll in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy program.

How long does the BPT course last?

Ans. The BPT Course (BPT) is an undergraduate professional program that lasts four years and requires a six-month internship. The science of physical movement is the course’s subject.

  • If a student admitted to the institute is found to have given any false information or suppressed any material information, his/her admission will be cancelled, and fees will not be refunded.
  • Cost of application fee once paid is non-refundable.
  • The institute does not take responsibility for the delay in transit involved in receipt and delivery of any communication between the institute and the applicant.
  • All disputes are subject to the legal jurisdiction of District Ranchi, Jharkhand, (India).
  • Those who are given provisional admission due to non-declaration of their graduation result are required to submit the marks sheet up to 31st October 2020.
  • Students must follow all the rules and regulations, framed from time to time by the institute. Breach of any of these may render him/her liable for penalty under the rules and/or expulsion from the institute

The University reserves the right to alter the course content of the programmes, rules and regulations, teaching schedule, tuition fee payable, boarding and lodging fees and/or any other matter pertaining to its working. The Management’s decision will be deemed as final in all such matters.

The minimum eligibility criteria for the admissions to Bachelor in Physiotherapy are as follows:

  • The candidate should have passed 12th examination from any recognized board, University or council.
  • A candidate seeking admission in Bachelor in Physiotherapy programme must have secured a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate in 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology Examination or equivalent.
  • Candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC, physically challenged, war widow and other such categories, a relaxation of 5% would apply as per the Government of India reservation policy.
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