Life @ UMU Campus

Student Life at UMU Campus

Student Life at UMU Campus:

Student life at the UMU campus is delightful and exciting wherein students get substantial intellectual opportunities to uplift their scholastic acumen. Spread over  a sprawling lush green campus, the University is highly acclaimed and coveted for its state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, highly-qualified academics, and a vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities. Whether students want to excel in their academics, or passionately indulge in sports, music or theater; the University offers splendid opportunities to develop their personality holistically.  

Every year students from various races, religions, and cultures join the University from across the nation comprising cities, suburbs, small towns and rural areas; and from across the economic spectrum. Usha Martin University respects and encourages diversity among students and is committed to provide educational opportunities accessible to all.  

Mentorship System

Usha Martin University encourages students to become lifelong learners and imbibe the requisite skills to serve society at the highest level. Keeping in view the fact, the University is committed to provide holistic education to its learners by creating an assiduous environment of innovative learning and interdisciplinary knowledge. Through robust and intellectually challenging curricula, the brilliant and inspiring academicians of the University work to uplift the scholastic acumen of its learners and ensure academic excellence.

Usha Martin University is a student-centric institution where students’ betterment is our core objective. The University follows a separate, comprehensive and discipline-based mentorship system wherein mentee-mentor system of balanced ratio is practiced to achieve a better interaction and cooperation among students and teachers, and to encourage holistic teaching and learning. Our mentorship system addresses students’ comprehensive requirements including learning, social behaviour, and professionalism at personal levels.

Career advancement and Campus Placement:

In the matter of campus placement, Usha Martin University is a top University in Ranchi. Since its inception the University is doing splendid work in the sphere of higher education and shaping the future of students through campus placement and internship opportunities. The University provides full-fledged career advancement support to students and makes sure every graduate of the University has a strong sense of professionalism, leadership, and soft skills so that they can achieve their career ambitions.

The University has a dedicated placement cell wherein placement officers have substantial experience to make its students industry-ready for the new-age economy. The process of placement is systematic and transparent that commences with the uploading profiles of students on the placement portal. Each student, faculty coordinator, and Training and Placement officials can access that portal. The leading companies from all sectors are invited by the Placement Department on the campus, where eligible students go through the entire selection process. According to the student’s ability and performance and according to the requirements and norms of the industry, eligible candidates get the employment offer letter.

The Objective of Career Advancement and Campus Placement

  • Sharpening the managerial and creative talent in students 
  • Equipping candidates with excellent analytical skills whereby they can make strategic decisions in an increasingly complicated corporate environment
  • Establishing long-term relationships with the companies
  • Providing assured placement to our graduates
  • Developing the best learning process using a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s best practices

Student Club and Societies:

Usha Martin University puts a holistic effort to develop the personality of its learners. The University has formulated Student Clubs and Societies to provide wider opportunities to students in constructive directions to produce a total integrated personality through assimilation of the culture, literature, art, music, dance arena and sports activities, photographic acumen, in addition to community services. Student Club and Societies allow students to exhibit a diverse range of extracurricular activities that meet a variety of student interests.

The University has a Creative Arts Society, Cultural and Music Club, Debating Society, Dramatics Society, Nature Club, Philately Club, Photography Club, Publication and Creative Writing Society, Sports and Athletic Club.
Each Club/Society is constituted by a Convener, a Treasurer, a Student Secretary and student members.

Student Community:

Students from across the country join Usha Martin University (UMU) to pursue their academic ambition. At UMU there is no single national, ethnic, or cultural group in the majority. Living within this incredible diversity fosters students’ maturity and understanding, and provides multicultural insights. Here students explore incredible opportunities, distinct cultures, and build enduring bonds of friendship.

Industrial Programmes:

Since its inception in 2012, Usha Martin University is doing phenomenal work to shape the future of students through campus placement and internship opportunities. At UMU students get splendid opportunities to uplift their technical and management acumen. Through the conference, workshop and guest lectures by corporate leaders, plant heads, production managers, HR managers constantly share their experiences and expertise with students to leverage their skills and employability quotient. 

The University has collaborated with tech-giant companies like IBM and TCS and started engineering and management programmes in cutting-edge domains like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR, and Blockchain Technology. At present, Usha Martin University is offering the following programmes in collaboration with IBM and TCS 

  • BCA and MCA in Blockchain Technology Collaboration with IBM
  • BCA and MCA in Graphic & Gaming AR/VR Collaboration with IBM
  • BCA and MCA in Mobile Computing Collaboration with IBM
  • B. Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning collaboration with IBM
  • B. Tech in Data Science collaboration with IBM
  • B. Tech in Cyber Security collaboration with TCS 
  • BBA and MBA in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Collaboration with TCS
  • BBA and MBA in Banking, Finance, and Insurance in collaboration with TCS


Usha Martin University has state-of-the-art academic infrastructure including separate hostel accommodation for boys and girls, ATM facility on the campus, Mess and Cafeteria, Sport and Fitness clubs.

Hostel Accommodation:

On a sprawling green campus, the hostels of Usha Martin University (UMU) are not just buildings; rather the core of the very culture. Here students get a secure and fun-filled environment that makes them feel at home.  At UMU, there is separate accommodation for boys and girls equipped with the modern infrastructure and services of a modern-day sophisticated boarding house. Below are salient features of hostel accommodation at UMU

  • There are number of multipurpose rooms in the hostels where students can study, watch TV and relax 
  • UMU hostels are equipped with high-speed and free WI-FI services that students can avail       
  • Hostels are equipped with CCTV camera

Mess and Cafeteria:

There is an excellent mess and cafeteria facility at UMU. In the cafeteria and mess of UMU students can enjoy delicious and nutritious cuisines at an affordable rate. The quality, selection and ease of UMU’s dining services are of the highest quality that suits every student’s taste. The cafeteria remains open every day where students can enjoy a variety of drinks and snacks between scheduled meals. Therefore, be it study breaks or staying back on campus during winters, UMU’s amazing mess and canteen ensure that the students NEVER GO HUNGRY!   

Sports and Fitness:

At UMU, students are encouraged to participate in indoor and outdoor sports. The University offers great sports and fitness facilities to its students. The University conducts a wide range of sporting events and competitions in which students can participate and represent the University. Sports facilities at UMU are Lawn Tennis, Cricket, BasketBall, Volleyball, Football, Badminton. Students who are interested in sports are required to enlist in sports and choose a sport. All sports activities will be conducted under the supervision of the department head and at the end of the programme students are required to showcase their talent.  

Extra Curricular Activities

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