Message From Pro Vice Chancellor - Usha Martin University, Ranchi

Vice-Chancellor Message From Usha Martin University


Prof. Madhulika Kaushik, Vice-Chancellor

I assure you that you have made a wise selection. A University education is much more than preparing you for a good career and gainful employment; it is about preparation for life in an increasingly complex world.
I would like to offer my best wishes and congratulations to you for embarking upon an exciting and rewarding journey towards a productive life, with the Usha Martin University. Selecting a university and entrusting it with the responsibility of shaping your future is a responsible choice and
UMU seeks to contribute to your development as productive and contributing citizens, as accountable and valuable members of the community and family and as responsible adults claiming their rightful place in this competitive world.
I hope that during your time here, you would imbibe values of inclusive development, transparency and ethics that UMU cherishes as its core values, besides acquiring the life skills and competencies in your respective disciplines that the university seeks to impart through innovative and interactive pedagogy.
We live in very dynamic times today and while these are times of disruptive innovations, these are also times of great opportunity for innovative applications, creative solutions and openings in different career avenues.
If the university is able to create in you a passion for creative problem solving and participative, responsive living, it would be going a long way in preparing you for life in the 21st century.
Let us endeavour to achieve this together, as joint stakeholders in your progress.

Prof. Madhulika Kaushik

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