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Admission Open 2024-25 | Pg Diploma In Tribal Law

About the Programme

In the rich tapestry of legal studies, the specialized field of Tribal Law stands out as a unique and important area that addresses the legal concerns and rights of indigenous communities. A Postgraduate Diploma in Tribal Law is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for legal professionals, policymakers, and advocates navigating the intricate legal landscape surrounding tribal communities. As the world recognizes the importance of protecting the rights and heritage of indigenous communities, professionals with expertise in tribal law play a vital role in advocating for justice and equality. This program serves as a bridge between tradition and modernity, empowering individuals to navigate the complex legal issues affecting tribal societies.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The Tribal Studies Program aims to foster comprehensive understanding, appreciation, and sustainable development within tribal communities by integrating cultural preservation, social empowerment, economic advancement, and educational opportunities. The program seeks to bridge the gap between traditional tribal knowledge and contemporary global realities, promoting the well-being and resilience of tribal societies.” Regular assessments and feedback mechanisms will be implemented to ensure the program’s effectiveness. Continuous collaboration with tribal study experts, community members, and relevant stakeholders will guide program adjustments to address evolving needs and challenges within tribal societies. By focusing on these key components, the Tribal Studies Program aims to create a holistic approach that respects and enhances the rich diversity and heritage of tribal communities while fostering their sustainable development.

Programme Learning Outcomes
  • Define the tribal areas, tribal culture and development and issues and address them through various development strategies.
  • Acquaint the knowledge on theories of development, social political structure, economic structure, economic.
  • Explain the planning perspectives of tribal settlement of self-governance and its role in planning and development.
  • Understanding the laws and legislations on tribes on Jharkhand.
Core Mandate of Tribal Law

The primary objectives of a Postgraduate Diploma in Tribal Law program are to equip students with specialized knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to address the unique legal challenges faced by indigenous communities. The program aims to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Tribal Legal Systems
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Contextual Awareness:
  • Legal Empowerment of Tribal Communities:
  • Effective Governance and Self-Determination:
  • Protection of Land and Resource Rights:
  • Promotion of Economic Development:
  • Legal Advocacy and Representation:
  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property:
  • Preparation for Diverse Career Paths:

Course Structure

Course code Course Name Course Credit
PGDTL-101 Tribes and Indigenous People 4
PGDTL-102 Tribal Administration 4
PGDTL-103 Tribal & Indigenous Jurisprudence 4
PGDTL-104 Tribal Peoples And Intellectual Property Rights 4
PGDTL- 201 Tribal people and Natural Resource Legislation 4
PGDTL-202 Tribal Customary Laws of Jharkhand 4
PGDTL203 Research Methodology 4
PGDTL204 Project 12
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