Department of Mining Engineering (B.Tech) Admission Open 2024

Department of Mining Engineering


At Usha Martin University, Mining engineering holds immense career opportunities pertaining to exploration, extraction, and processing of minerals from the Earth’s crust. It encompasses various aspects of mining operations, including planning, design, construction, operation, and reclamation of mines.

Mining engineers work in various sectors of the mining industry, including coal, metal ores, industrial minerals, and precious metals. After completing Mining Engineering at Usha Martin University there can be many career opportunities like geologists, metallurgists, environmental scientists, and regulatory agencies to ensure that mining projects are conducted safely, efficiently, and sustainably.

With advancements in technology and growing emphasis on sustainable development, mining engineering is evolving to incorporate innovative practices such as automation, remote sensing, and digital modelling. It plays a crucial role in meeting the global demand for raw materials while addressing environmental and social challenges associated with mining activities.

Programmes Offered

1 B.Tech in Mining Engineering  4 Years 12th with PCM Full Time View Details

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2 Lateral Entry – B.Tech in Mining Engineering  Minimum 3 Years  Diploma in relevant Field Full Time View Details

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